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Arvind Pandit


Arvind Pandit's Bio:

This Online Travel Guide has been created to share Arvind Pandit travel experiences to unexplored places across the globe. This will guide future fellow travellers in visiting all these places beyond the usual popular itineraries. I hope to share information on travel, stay, food and sightseeing for various travel destinations that I have visited over the years. 

I (Arvind Pandit) bring to you the very same emotions that rush through every part of my body as I savour the sights, food and the very place itself. This is my noble service to you my fellow travellers, something that I hope will bring a smile to the face of millions around the globe.

To share the memories etched in the minds of fellow travellers and make them available for everyone to experience is the idea behind this guide, to share the love of travelling and exploring.

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Travel Tourism

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